Tents are optionally used in winter camping, but it is not used frequently.

Winter Camping is camping involves in the winter. Often in winter camping there is snow on the ground.

About Winter Camping[edit | edit source]

Winter camping refers to the experience of camping outside during the winter - often when there is snow on the ground. Campers and outdoors people have adapted their forms of camping and survival to suit extremely cold nights and limited mobility or evacuation. Methods of survival when winter camping includes: building snow shelters quinzhees dressing in "layers," staying dry, using low-temperature sleeping bags, and fueling the body with appropriate food.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipment for winter camping is essential. Low-temperature sleeping bags can survive temperatures below freezing temperature. When you have a lot of snow on the ground, you can create a quinzhee. See that picture below, that's a quinzhee.

Uses for winter camping[edit | edit source]

Winter camping works out great for regular camping or practicing survival. It just depends what you need to do, like finding someone in the snow, or just camp for fun.

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