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Xtreme2, X, Xtreme to the Second Power, Wikia Master, Master of the Chopin Wiki, Founder of Camping Wiki


Piano, Flight Simulator, editing Started Camping Wiki and helps out Annoying Orange and Chopin Wikis



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I'm a Full-Time Vandal Patrol for two wikis: Chopin Wiki and Annoying Orange Wiki. I created the Camping Wiki. My full profile is here, but you can view my other profiles at Annoying Orange Wiki and Camping Wiki. Spam appeared on all over the place on Annoying Orange Wiki, so I'm helping them out. Also to help me out, I can contact other users easily using my iPhone 88. I just go to my user page and contact my contacts on my list. That's my job here. I help out the two wikis that are in a real pickle now.

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Owner Welcome

Welcome to my User Page! I am X2, a founder of Camping Wiki when I wanted to create a wiki. We are working hard on this wikia to get to the 100-article target. So far we have created 23 articles, and we have a long way to go!

I just hope I didn't forget to bring my camping supplies...

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I contribute to Microsoft Windows Vista Business and Mac OS X Tiger

What we're working on

We are working to get into the 100 article target. If you are visiting this page, you can sign up to be a member and help us create articles on Camping Wiki!

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