Of the 50 state parks and 33 state historic sites in Missouri, 42 have campgrounds. According to the state its parks system includes approximately 3,700 campsites, 194 cabins, and 840 miles of trails, including the longest developed rails-to-trails project in the nation.[1]

Parks and Historic Sites With Camping FacilitiesEdit

Name Region Established
Arrow Rock State Historic Site Central (Columbia & Jefferson City) 1923
Babler State Park East (St. Louis) 1937
Sam A. Baker State Park Southeast (Cape Girardeau) 1926
Battle of Athens State Historic Site Northeast (Kirksville) 1975
Bennett Spring State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1923
Big Lake State Park Northwest (Kansas City) 1932
Crowder State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1938
Cuivre River State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1946
Finger Lakes State Park Central (Columbia & Jefferson City) 1973
Graham Cave State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1964
Ha Ha Tonka State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1978
Hawn State Park East (St. Louis) 1955
Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park[2] Southeast (Cape Girardeau) 1955
Knob Noster State Park Northwest (Kansas City) 1946
Lake of the Ozarks State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1946
Lake Wappapello State Park Southeast (Cape Girardeau) 1956
Lewis and Clark State Park Northwest (Kansas City) 1934
Long Branch State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1983
Mastodon State Historic Site East (St. Louis) 1976
Meramec State Park East (St. Louis) 1927
Montauk State Park Southeast (Cape Girardeau) 1926
Onondaga Cave State Park Southeast (Cape Girardeau) 1982
Pershing State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1937
Pomme de Terre State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1960
Prairie State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1980
Roaring River State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1928
Robertsville State Park East (St. Louis) 1979
Rock Bridge Memorial State Park Central (Columbia & Jefferson City) 1967
St. Francois State Park East (St. Louis) 1964
St. Joe State Park East (St. Louis) 1976
Stockton State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1969
Table Rock State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1959
Taum Sauk Mountain State Park Southeast (Cape Girardeau) 1991
Thousand Hills State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1952
Trail of Tears State Park Southeast (Cape Girardeau) 1957
Harry S Truman State Park Southwest (Springfield) 1976
Mark Twain State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1924
Van Meter State Park Central (Columbia & Jefferson City) 1932
Wakonda State Park Northeast (Kirksville) 1960
Wallace State Park Northwest (Kansas City) 1932
Washington State Park East (St. Louis) 1932
Watkins Woolen Mill State Park Northwest (Kansas City) 1964
Weston Bend State Park Northwest (Kansas City) 1980


Most campgrounds have a limited number of first-come, first-serve non-reservable campsites. Campsites can also be reserved at the Missouri State Park's Camping Reservation site.


  2. Camping currently unavailable - planned reopen late 2009

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