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Camping equipment to be added: Edit

  • Mallet or hammer - driving of tent stakes into soil.
  • Lantern or flashlight for light
  • Hatchet, axe or saw for cutting firewood for a campfire.
  • Fire Starter or other ignition device for starting a campfire.
  • Folding Chairs for placement around campfire.
  • Ropes for stringing clothes line and for use as guy lines.
  • Tarp for adding additional layer of storm protection to a tent, and to shelter dining areas.
  • Chuck Box to hold camp kitchen items for food preparation, consumption and cleanup.
  • Cooler to store perishables and beverages.
  • Portable Water Filter for areas that have access to rivers or lakes.
  • A tripod chained Grill, Dutch Oven, or La Cotta Clay Pot can be used for cooking on a campfire.
  • A Portable Stove can be used where campfires are forbidden or impractical. If using a campground with electricity an electric an frying pan or slow cooker can be used.